Give Zillow the month off

If you don’t know where you should be looking, or what you can afford, then you need help from a born-and-raised local East Bay Realtor.


(She's not local anyways)

I’ll guide you through every step of the process: finance, narrowing down homes, scheduling appraisals, and painstakingly reviewing contracts and reports before you even see them (think handwritten scribbles, think highlighters, think post-it notes.)

And would I palm off home inspections to someone else on my team? Not a chance.

You’ll get me, every time. 

I’m here to ask the questions for you, negotiate for you, advocate for you…and bring the Crumble cookies when it gets to the pointy end of business. 

Because the process is confusing enough. No nonsense, no inflated promises and no pushing my agenda onto yours. 


I give it to my clients straight.

How It Works

We meet over coffee or Zoom to discuss questions, finance and preferences.


I’ll help assess your budget, narrow your search and visit open homes. 

budget + Search

I attend appraisals, read reports and walk you through the contract to make your dream home happen. 

OFFER + Contract

“She explained contracts and taxes to us. Any questions we had she knew the answer or would research it for us. She took care of all the paperwork and made it so simple for us to understand. She helped with everything.”

- monica p.

I treat every transaction as my own - if it’s not good enough for my home, it’s not good enough for yours 

But how am I different from the others?

I’ve lived in 10 of the 16 areas I represent meaning you’ll get insider info on the neighborhoods




I tour homes with you - letting you focus on the big picture while I hone in on the details


I’ve read hundreds of reports - so you can exhale and let me spot the details


I leverage my reputation with other Realtors -
so you can get the best on and off market deals 



Your preferences come first - relationships over sales every time

"We are first-time homebuyers with no experience and Natasha and her team made the process as smooth and easy as possible answering our millions of questions.”

First time buyer

Amy & Beau R.

She made us feel so comfortable and took the time for our many texts, phone calls and emails even after our purchase!

"Natasha was not only professional but was incredibly relatable and worked with us like a trusted friend."

Megan & Mark M.


She makes the process so much easier by the service she provides, it is night and day compared to our previous Realtor.

"I can’t express enough about who Natasha is as a person and Realtor. "

Buyer and seller

AJ Lovino

But don’t just listen to me…

“We had heard that part of the Seller's decision to accept our offer (after multiple counters) was in part due to the fact that the selling Realtor® liked working with Natasha more than the other Buyer’s Realtor®.”

It Pays to hire a likable realtor...

Andrew & Candice

Value prompt communication

Want the details covered

Need someone to fight for you

Enjoy white-glove service

Like upfront honesty

I’m the right Realtor for you if you…

Are looking for a born and raised East Bay realtor 

Get in touch 

I’m friendly, promise. And together with my team, we’ll guide you through the process and throw in a few snacks to soften the overwhelm (if you’re lucky)

Time to book a clarity call.

Is That a yes?