Selling homes is a science *dons lab coat*

Selling your house isn’t a game of luck: it’s a combination of savvy, strategy, and science. 

You need someone with sharp market knowledge, sales instinct and proven success developed over many years…from someone who’s lived, bought and sold in the area many times over.  

Someone like me. 



…and the photography, and the videography, and the staging, and the marketing, and the legal speak. It’s a full service package with our seasoned team taking care of the process from start to sold

We’ll do the negotiating for you


You won’t sign the contract then struggle to hear from me again. I’m a quick responder, and if I can’t help you straight away? My team is here to fill the gaps. 

Hands off isn’t my style. I’m here to help put out fires, schedule staging, triple check contracts, and of course, communicate with you every step of the way. 

I’m available

Born and raised with a decade of experience in the luxury real estate market as a Realtor in Danville California and the East Bay, I know the market, I know the neighborhoods, and I know how to sell in them. 

Our team’s premium photography, videography, staging and advertising are just the start of our marketing strategy (won’t spill all the secrets now).

Through a combination of fierce negotiation, razor-sharp campaigns and staying on the pulse with 3rd party appraisals (and sometimes rebuffing them in your favor), my strategies are proven to get top dollar. 

Why clients refer me time and again 

I’m marketing savvy

I’m involved

A decade of neighborhood Know How

My strategies get top dollar


"Think Katie's work is just for women? Think again. I'm a man (obviously), and my business tripled, too!"

Made six figures:



“By nudging me to make a few changes we were able to increase our original price target significantly. She knows the market. She knows her buyers and she knows what people expect from a house and how to maximize the value of your home.” 

She took care of every detail for us and made selling as stress-free as possible. She has a great network for marketing and knew a lot of agents to get the word out. Even after selling when we moved out of state she checked on us and sent a heartfelt ‘welcome home’ package to our new house."

"Natasha is so knowledgeable, attentive and always thinking about her clients.

sellers + buyers

She was very knowledgeable, calm, and collected throughout the entire process which made us feel the same. She took the time to explain things to us and was always available if we had questions or wanted to meet. She gave us all the information upfront and was extremely organized and efficient."

“Selling a home can be a very intimidating or stressful process and Natasha completely put our minds at ease.


We asked her to come to give us an assessment of what we should do to get top dollar for our house in Springtown, Natasha gave us a shortlist of things and we were happy to get $25,000 over the asking price."

“Natasha is the best Realtor® we have ever worked with.


The People Have Spoken

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Chris + Christine

Monica & Michael

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In between sips of latte, my team and I will walk you through the process, answer your questions, and of course, butter you up with pastries. 

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