So how are you gonna grow?

You want to grow your business but you don’t have the capacity to grow the ‘traditional’ way…adding local Realtors to your team, managing different selling styles, maintaining a physical office. 

Yes, you’re a multitasking queen - client calls in between the drop offs, ballet classes, ball games and meltdowns - but you’re already at your capacity. 


You’re not a regular mom, you’re an ambitious mom.

And just like the time I met my husband….so much more I didn’t even know I needed. It’s a cloud-based brokerage that’s all about low overhead, high profits, and helping you grow different income streams outside your local market. And the best part? You’ll do it all while making genuine friendships with a tight-knit network of other Realtors all across the country.

Meet eXp - everything I’d been looking for in a brokerage. 

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Connect with a Community of Women Just Like You

There’s a real community of eXp Realtors who just get it. The frantic work calls in between tantrums, the making lunches while texting clients, the strategizing on carpool runs. So yes, we can multitask, build empires and grow unnecessary gray hairs together. And beyond that? We’ve got on-tap support to help you achieve your personal goals

Never Pay for Coaching Again

With more than 80 live classes a week, you’ll never have to pay for coaching again. Join virtually in eXp World, meet with Cozy Corner creator Jessica Lopez, Zoom with Powerhouse mastermind Amy Gregory, “Wine not” with Gogo Bethke… you literally have the best of the best at your fingertips.

When you Partner with me at eXp, you allso get direct access to Jessica Lopez, Amy Gregory, Gogo Bethk, Mark Z and Daniel Beer for free (don't know who they are? Instagram will help you out).

Your income is no longer limited to how many transactions you close. Earn your cap back, receive stocks, get (and give) unlimited referrals outside of your local network, build out courses, sell digital products, mentor other agents… the opportunities are endless. And the key... you actually learn the how to do it all.

Get Additional Revenue Streams

eXP can help you

eXp Explained 

As a mom, I’m all about being home for my family. As a businesswoman, I’m all about growing, scaling and making ambitious goals like retiring my husband (5 Powerhouse Agents and Counting..).


I didn’t want to spend time away from children, and I didn’t have time to scale the way traditional Realtors were. When I heard about eXp, I couldn’t believe it existed…

A close community of Realtors dominating their markets, diversifying their income, actually creating retirement plans and setting their businesses up for long term success. All without buying into hustle culture or sacrificing their family.

What wasn’t to love? So I became an eXp Realtor, and it's been the best surprise of my entire career. If you want to explore how you too can Level Up your business - let’s chat!

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Here’s what sold me.