Go on then, use my connections. 

Here’s where I can help.

I’ve got a trusted network of national Realtors, with amazing colleagues I trust to serve you. I’ll find a perfect fit and make an introduction, so you can cross ‘Realtor’ off your to-do list.

And if I don’t know anyone in your new city? I can still help. I’ll do all the research, interviewing and vetting to make your transition that little bit easier.


Who's good? Who can you trust? Who'll actually listen to your wish list?

I want a referral

You’re moving, you’re excited, but you’re also homeless…

So you need to find a house in your new town, but researching a realtor in a foreign place can be overwhelming.

First we talk goals, objectives and timelines. Next up we’ll dive into aspirations and plans for your new area, so I can connect you with a realtor to serve you best. 

1. Get in Touch

2. I'll Find the Perfect Fit

Sadly, I’m not talking about shopping. Happily, I will be able to ease your stress by calling potential Realtors, checking availability, and if necessary, doing the vetting interviews for you.


3. Your New Realtor Will Be in Touch

Your new Realtor will reach out, take it from there to start the search for your perfect home. And when you find one? Send pics!

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